The Lawrenceville Tree Park will transform a vacant lot at Stanton Ave and Keystone Street into a new park. The project is being led by the Lawrenceville Tree Tenders (LVTT), in association with Friends of the Pittsburgh Urban Forest (FPUF) and the Lawrenceville Corporation. LVTT has two main goals for the Tree Park: enhancing the quality of life of local residents through open space improvements, and educating the public about trees, sustainability and the environment. The Tree Park will convert long-vacant land into a neighborhood amenity and address residents’ concern for public safety. Research has shown that trees and green space help to deter criminals and promote a positive quality of life for nearby residents. The Tree Park will also serve as a neighborhood demonstration project, helping to educate visitors about trees, their benefits, and care, so that they may be encouraged to plant trees and other plant material around their own homes.